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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Autumn Equinox Sweatlodge with Turtle Lodge Healing – Awakening the Spiritual Warrior

Yesterday myself and 3 of my reiki students went to a sweatlodge run by Jason Sewell from Turtle Lodge Healing: It was an amazing experience and very hard to describe with words.  The lows and highs felt in a day that you actually volunteer yourself for, create a profound experience.  I have wanted to do a sweatlodge now for years and this year I decided to say YES to all those things I’ve wanted to do.  We can all find excuses, we can all procrastinate but there comes a time when you have to take action and surrender to spiritual progression.  None of us were sure what to expect and the intensity of the heat caught us off guard.  At times I wondered if I could literally take another round..but…round after round I kept going back in there to face the heat – to face my fears- to face myself.

My immediate thought in the darkness and heat of the sweatlodge was that this must be how it feels to be in the womb and I felt quite elated and giddy.  As the heat grew and my heart began to race the panic came in and 3 times I overcame the fear.  After the second round I felt physically wiped out and really thought I couldn’t take anymore.  With some assistance from Jason and his smudging I got back up and went back in.  We did 6 rounds in total and every round felt different.  I was inspired by Nell the firekeeper who I am affectionately refering to as Nell the Lionheart because she had the strength of a lioness.  While we were all flopped on the floor Nell was loading up the hot rocks “the ancestors” and placing them into the lodge.  Jason was an excellent facilitator, very gentle and encouraging.  The whole group gelled as a whole and I am very honored I got to experience this with some of my ” deerheart/reiki star tribe”.  A phrase that springs to mind while doing the sweatlodge is “weak as a kitten” because thats how I felt physically.  Mentally and emotionally I was channelling the “strength of a lion”.

In todays society we want a fast track to spiritual attainment.  The quick fix to healing.  I have always believed that you get out of something what you put in.  The sweatlodge takes a strength and determination that fills you with pride when you realise what you have achieved.  If you had asked me half way through yesterday would I do it again I would have said NO.  However by the time I went to sleep last night I had already decided I would do it again next year.  Any opportunity to heal and grow on such a level is a gift, please take it.  On leaving last night I also thought if I can do it or at least try to do it anyone can….no excuses.