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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Workshops planned for Summer 2014

Hi everyone, just thought I’d write some dates here for you to see as soon as you click on my website.  These are just workshops that are planned so far and I will be adding new ones as the weeks go by.  Remember I usually plan Usui Reiki classes when asked so please contact me if you would like to learn Reiki.  This means I can be very flexible and dates are tailored to suit you.

Aura Reading Day, 30 mins aura reading with photo by Lilian Rogers of Atlantis Crystals at Reiki-Star.  £25 Thurs 22nd May

Angelic Reiki 3+4 Master Teacher Level, 7th/8th June £400 (offer)

Crystal Healing Workshop, Wed 11th June  9:30-2:30   £40

Angel Card and Meditation Workshop  Sun 6th July 1-4pm, £25

Psychic Development Workshop  Thurs 17th July 9:30-2:30  £40

Angelic Reiki 1+2     Sun 20th July  9:30-7:30   £200  (offer)

Angel Workshop  Sun 17th August 1-6pm  £40