About Angela Sessions

angela-session-reiki-teacher-derbyIt’s important to find a Reiki Teacher and Mentor that fits. There should be a click, an acknowledgement that you know you can both work well together and learn from one another on your journey whether that be with Reiki, Shamanism, Angels, Crystals…all Healing pathways.

My name is Angela Sessions and I just like you have had a life of highs and lows but most importantly I’ve bounced back each and every time stronger and wiser!!

I developed scoliosis at the age of 4 and had many surgeries on my back up to the age of 16.  I was also diagnosed with Hereditary Sensory Motor Neuropathy at 12 years old and on reflection these conditions and the experiences they brought me make me into the rock star mentor I am today.


I graduated from Derby University with a BA (Hons) in Arts Therapies specialising in Dramatherapy and later settled in Derby, but I was born and raised in Leigh, Lancashire in the North West of England..

I started my psychic development at the age of nineteen after years of being drawn to shamanism and spirituality.

My Introduction to Reiki…

At the age of 20 I had my first experience of Reiki.  I was open-minded and willing to learn and embrace a more holistic way of living.

“Within 3 months of doing My Usui Reiki Level One Course I had come off my pain medication.”

It was incredible how pain free I was for the first time in years. I felt really empowered that I now had a tool that I could use on myself anytime, any place that could help me feel well. Having experienced the effects of Reiki for myself, I went on to practise Reiki professionally with advice and encouragement from my Reiki teacher Sue Alavi.

My Reiki Training


I spent the next 2 years training in Reiki gradually culminating in taking the Teacher training after a number of clients asked me to teach them. At 23 I opened my own Healing Centre.

I was working with charities like Mencap, Well Women Centre, Brook and freelancing for the local council facilitating drama and art therapy sessions with groups. Having the centre also allowed me to study and practice my other passions more such as crystal healing, shamanic healing and angelic healing. I also completed my training in Karuna Reiki.  This was a great period of growth for me at such a young age and it also gave me a taste for working on and for myself!

At the age of 25 I got married and closed the centre when I moved to Derby. Here I did my Seichim and Sekhem Master/Teacher training.


Reiki During Pregnancy…

reiki_safe_during_pregancy_imageI carried on teaching until I took a year off in ’05 and ’06 while I had a baby. The pregnancy was high risk due to my disabilities but I believe the Reiki alongside other complementary therapies kept me in good health (as well as being looked after by my angels!). The doctors were surprised to see how well I was doing and I had a healthy baby boy six weeks early.

How Energy Healing Has Enriched My Life…

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have these wonderful energies in my life.  My day to day life is easier!  Energy healing therapies relieve pain, boost the immune system, motivate and inspire.  They allow you to empower yourself and others.  This has been a huge phase of spiritual development for me, I now channel and write my own courses and workshops.  I write BLOGS  on many spiritual topics and life lessons.  I also make my own range of aura sprays and own a crystal shop.

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Other Training & Qualifications

In Feb 2014 I did training in Quantum Touch – Level One. A powerful therapy that heightens the energy vibration and can be used alone or combined with other therapies.

I  also trained as a Petaltone Practitioner which uses flower essences in the aura to heal the energy field and am now a certified practitioner with added training in animal healing.flower-essence-image-pansy

In March 08 I did my Level One practitioner training in Master Energy Colour Healing which brings in the energies of Archangels and Ascended Masters whilst also using Aura-Soma essences.

In 2009 I started my training in Angelic Reiki which is something I have wanted to do for many years. I completed my Master Teacher training so that I may also pass this wonderful healing energies on to others.

I have been studying shamanism for 20 years, attending workshops and training with different practitioners and shamans through the years.

In September 2015 I qualified in Ear Candling also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy. In this month I also finished my training and rites in Munay Ki and am now officially a Munay Ki mentor, I now offer the rites to individuals who feel ready to take the next step in self-development and learn more about shamanism.  I undertook the course, Musica Magica exploring how to use the voice to interact and express the elements.  In January 2016 I undertook training as a Laughter Yoga Leader and offer this to schools and organisations.  I have also recently been studying Dr Bruce Lipton and his course in epigenetics.  Most recently I trained in Lemurian Healing which I now include in my healing sessions when appropriate.

 As a family we have appeared in Take a Break magazine and on BBC Radio Derby to talk about the challenges of having a baby as disabled parents. I have also appeared on BBC Radio Derby talking about Reiki.  I will be featured in Spirit and Destiny magazine over the next few months.

Latest Update…

Many of you who know me, enquire about my husband Mike who has been seriously ill with pneumococcal meningitis and HIB meningitis (which he is vulnerable to and has now had 7 times).  The episode in 2009 left Mike with brain damage. reiki-star-picture-angela-husbandThank you to everyone who has sent healing and their blessings. Mike is doing very well and we often refer to Reiki and other light energies for his miraculous recovery.  There is no other proof needed on what a gift these wonderful energies are to have in our lives. Currently he is as well as can be and very supportive in my healing work. We are grateful to dance the dance of life for one more day…