Angel Workshops

Angel Workshop | 1-6pm | £50

In this angel workshop we will discuss different theories on who angels are and learn about the many ways in which they can help us.

  • You will learn about which angel to ask for help depending on the situation you need help with.
  • How to do angel rituals to cleanse your home, and yourself.
  • You will also be guided through meditation to meet your guardian angel and receive healing from the angels.
  • I will also give you an angelic healing attunement.
  • Then you will be encouraged to get creative and make an angel charm.
  • You will receive worksheets, an angel workshop certificate of attendance and materials to make your charm.


Archangel Initiations Workshop | 1-5pm | £40 | Spaces Limited

In this workshop we will be connecting to the Archangels Metatron, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon and Raziel.

  • We will be following Vanessa Carters “Archangel Initiations” to deeply heal on every level.
  • Followed by an arts therapy exercise to see which particular Archangel we need to work with.
  • Please be aware that this workshop contains 8 meditations/initiations and is very intense.
  • You will receive a crystal and worksheets. You must bring a notebook/angel journal with you.
  • Refreshments are provided.


Angel Card Readings & Meditation Workshop | 3 hours | £40

This workshop covers meditation on the angel cards as well as:

  • Asking the angels for help and guidance with situations in our lives.
  • Receiving help and guidance from the angels on questions we have.
  • Receiving healing we need directly from the angels through meditation with the cards.
  • You will receive a pack of Original Angel Cards.


Archangel Michael Workshop | 6:30-9pm | £25

  • We will discuss who Archangel Michael is and how he can help us.
  • Followed by a cleansing meditation, to help us see our true path in life.
  • You will receive a lapis lazuli crystal (or kyanite) which we can channel Michael’s energies into for healing self and others.
  • You will receive an Archangel Michael essence handmade by myself and shown how to use this to cut etheric cords around yourself and others.


Archangel Raphael Workshop | 6:30-9pm | £25

  • We will dicuss who Raphael is and how he can help us followed by a healing meditation.
  • You will receive a jade heart crystal and shown how to channel Raphael’s energy into it to heal self and others.
  • You will receive an Archangel Raphael essence handmade by myself and shown how to use it on self and others for healing.


Archangel Metatron Workshop | 6:30-9pm | £25

  • We will discuss who Metatron is and how he can help us.
  • You will receive a picture of Metatron’s Cube and shown how to use this for healing.
  • We will discuss the Language of Light, Metatron’ Cube and the Merkabah and you will understand how these can help you with your healing and self-development path.
  • You will activate your merkabah in meditation and be attuned to Metatron’s Cube energy.
  • You will learn how to use Metatron’s Cube and the Merkabah for self healing and energy healing for others.
  • You will receive a small selenite mountain crystal which we will attune to Metatron’s energy and this can be used for meditation, within grids or within the home.


Angelic Alignment & Archangel Chamuel Workshop | 6:30-9pm | £25

  • In this workshop we will discuss who Archangel Chamuel is and how she can help us.  You will receive a rose quartz heart crystal which we will attune to Chamuel’s energy and also connect to the rose quartz community through.
  • You will learn how to channel Chamuel in energy healing.
  • There will be a meditation which will give you an alignment to the angelic kingdom.


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