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Spiritual book review – Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

Written May 2017 

Following on from reading Light is the New Black I dove straight into Rise Sister Rise by the same author Rebecca Campbell.

At first I was thinking Mmmm I think I preferred the other one but as I continued I did start to get into the flow of this book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Congratulations Rebecca you managed to write another book without repeating lots of content from the first which I find happens with many authors such as Doreen Virtue.  There was only a tiny amount of repetition from the first book and it was only because it was necessary to explain a concept or idea.


For me this book was UPLIFTING.  I had heard some of the ideas in this book from Clare Dubois founder of TreeSisters who did mention this book in her free full moon meditations.

The idea that as women we have been squashed for want of a better word by patriarchy. That we remember the burning times were many women were put to death on suspicion of witchcraft and from that time deep within our psyche comes a mistrust of other women (as it was often other women who pointed the finger at each other to avert torture or death themselves).

Rebecca writes about her experience at the White Springs in Glastonbury which caught my attention as Glastonbury is one of my favourite places in the world I am always going on about it.  Her friends provide a healing ritual for her in this sacred space.


Rebecca explains how we can best work with our own rhythms including our menstrual cycle and the four seasons.  She also goes into her own personal stories, I especially like the one she explains about her nan and finding something out about her own family, a very beautiful story she hadn’t known before.

There is some amazing poetry in this book!  There are the odd few quotes by others but Rebecca definitely had inspiration and serious channelling skills for this one!

She was so committed

To what was

Rising in Her.

That a part of Her.


And was





Stunning pieces like this one above throughout the book.

As in Light is the New Black she gives food for thought questions at the end of each chapter such as How can you honour your human body more? How can you let yourself be more fully seen?  Plus lots of useful mantras;

I allow myself to be held by the strength of those who came before me.

I never ever walk alone.

This book like the previous is beautifully presented with a lush cover, concise easy to read chapters and large font.  The main aim of the book is to inspire women to rise up, take hold of their feminine power and shine that light out into the Universe to heal not only the Divine Feminine but to heal and balance the Divine Masculine as well.  This is not a man-bashing book.

Great read, good for beginners but also an interesting read for the more experienced spiritual adventurer.

Photos by me

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