Crystal Healing Training

2 Day Crystal Healing Practitioner Course (foundation level) | 1-6pm | £120

  • This crystal healing workshop will introduce you to working with crystals.
  • How to choose, which ones to choose and how to cleanse, programme and activate them.
  • Meditation and healing with crystals is also covered
  • Practical healing experience will be gained healing using pendulums, wands, points, chakra healing and general crystal placements including intuitive healing.
  • Learn how to make crystal elixirs and essences.
  • Elestial Quartz meditation.
  • Learn how to scan the body using crystals.
  • Experience using rare crystals (I have a huge selection).
  • Quartz crystal singing bowl meditation.
  • Amazing goody bag worth at least £20
  • £60 deposit on booking.


Azeztulite Crystal Healing Workshop | 7-9:30pm | £25

  • Learn about the Azeztulite story, where it comes from, what it is and how to use it.
  • Learn about the Azez, the Angelic Beings and meditate with the Azeztulite to meet them.
  • Learn how to use the Azeztulite for healing self and others.
  • You will receive a Himalayan Golden Azeztulite wand within this crystal healing workshop which I usually sell for £20.


Trigonic Quartz Crystal Healing Workshop | 7-9:30pm | £25

  • Learn about trigonic quartz and its healing properties.
  • You will receive a piece of trigonic quartz to work with in this crystal healing workshop (which I usually sell for £10-15) and take home.
  • Meditation with trigonic quartz.
  • Learn healing techniques with trigonic quartz.
  • Learn how to make an elixir with trigonic quartz and how best to use it.

This workshop is only available as I have availability to trigonic quartz as this is a hard to source crystal and usually expensive.


Faden Quartz and Multi-Dimensional Healing Workshop | 7-9:30pm | £25

  • Receive your own piece of Faden Quartz.
  • Learn about faden quartz and its healing qualities.
  • Learn about different dimensions, how we can travel to them.
  • Learn techniques to use faden quartz for multi-dimensional healing.

This workshop is only available when I have faden quartz in stock, this is a rare crystal and in the higher price range.


Spirit Quartz and Faery Connection Workshop | 7-9:30pm| £25

  • Receive your own piece of spirit quartz (usually a cluster).
  • Learn all about spirit quartz and how it can be used for healing.
  • Learn techniques to connect to the faery for guidance and healing with spirit quartz.

This workshop is only available when I have spirit quartz in stock.


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