Deer Heart Shamanics

Deer Heart Shamanics has been born through my love of shamanism.

As a child I was always drawn to shamanic cultures such as the Native American Indians, Aboriginals and tribes of the Amazon Rainforest. I almost went on to to study anthropology at university but decided on arts therapies which also allowed me to study and incorporate the shamanic ideas of healing and dis-ease.

dear-heart-shamanismI did my dissertation on how Native American Shamanism compared to Robert Landy’s method of dramatherapy and not only drew knowledge from shamanic books but also started applying this to my interpretation of arts therapies.

At the time I was also embarking on my psychic studies and often drew on shamanic techniques in my own quest for self-healing and discovery.

Once I started Reiki, I then drew shamanism into this area and found explaining the world from a shamanic point of view really helped clients understand their own life journeys and healing process.

From ongoing studying, training, hands on experience and self-healing I was drawn to begin my own gathering of students to show them the shamanic way.

I run shamanic healing practitioner training courses and complimentary workshops, advanced training, opportunities to attend sweatlodges and cacao ceremonies run by other shamanic teachers and other workshops that expand on shamanic awareness such as faerie connection, owl medicine, tree wisdom and drumming.


Shamanic Training & Workshops

fox-animal-totemI offer a variety of Shamanic workshops and training which can be taken by anyone interested in spiritual development or further learning.

To find out more about my Shamanic Workshops and available training dates please click here.

“Shamanism is not a religion. It is a way of life, a way of Being.”

  • Shamanism was the first spiritual awareness that came from the human race.
  • Anyone can study Shamanism.
  • Shamanism does not clash with our western culture, it can enhance our day to day life.
  • Shamanic Healing is very powerful and can be done in person or distantly.