Faery Reiki

faery reikiYou will receive an attunement to Faery Reiki from myself plus the official manual and certificate with my special faery reiki logo! (Please note logo is copyright to Reiki Star).

I will show you how to use the symbols and give a Faery Reiki treatment with the set hand positions and symbols given. Please note the founder of Faery Reiki asks that you follow her treatment pattern which in my experience lasts between 30-60 minutes.

You will feel a wonderful connection to the Fae on this day, if you love Fae this connection will be strengthened.

angela sessions we all have-wingsI recommend that you have Reiki One level training as a minimum. Faery Reiki is not usually insurable and must be covered under the general umbrella of “Reiki”.

This is a one day course which covers all levels of Faery Reiki to Master level.

There are some instructions in the manual on how to pass the Faery Reiki attunements on to others but you will definately need to work with this energy first for the Fae to “show you” how, but I suggest you only attempt this if you are already a Reiki Master Teacher.
Investment £60, 6 hours course.


If you have any further questions or simply wish to book – please do not hesitate to send me an email.



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