Luna ~ Healer Angel Dog

animal-healing-luna-white-healer-angel-dog-breedLuna was rescued by our family from Mackworth Dog Rescue in 2009.

She had been born in a puppy farm in Ireland. From there she had been taken to Second Chance Rescue in Derby where a family adopted her. Three months later they left her at the rescue centre in Mackworth.

In July 2009 a week after my husband had become seriously ill with meningitis my guardian angel told me I had to get a dog, literally “get a dog”. For those of you who communicate with angels you will know they speak in a very straightforward commanding way.  Without hesitation I started to scour the dog rescue homes in Derby. I came across the most beautiful Japanese Spitz named Luna and I knew she was the one. She was extremely timid but I knew I could heal her with the Reiki and help her become a very healing dog in her own right.

Over a couple of years she gradually became more confident and her inner light really started to shine. Now any client or student who comes to my house instantly feels better after a look and a paw touch from Luna.  She is extremely expressive and very good at communicating with people. She knows who in the room needs her healing the most and will go to them first. On the street passers by notice her “special quality”.

Luna was registered as a Pets as Therapy dog. We visited Rainbows Hospice monthly where Luna had a positive uplifting affect on the children and young people.

Author and animal intuitive Madeleine Walker had this to say about Luna;

“Wow you don’t need me to tell you what a special dog she is …she looks right into your soul and is a very wise ancient being! Luna is the most incredible healer and will be interacting with everyone she comes into contact with… she loves being a co-facilitator in your workshops… Luna is the most wonderful healing ally”.