Other Workshops

Saint Germain & The Violet Flame Workshop | 6:30-9pm | £25

  • In this workshop we will explore who the Ascended Master Saint Germain is.
  • We will discover how we can use St Germain as a guide for spiritual development and for healing ourselves and others.
  • His gift to us is the Violet Flame, we will be learning how to invoke this amazing energy to use for healing on all levels.
  • The workshop consists of discussion, meditation, self healing and hands on healing on others.
  • You do not need any previous experience in healing to do this workshop.
  • Worksheets included.  Please bring a notebook/journal.
  • £5 deposit required on booking.


Fairy Realms Reiki Workshop | 2 hours | £15

  • This is usually spontaneously organised depending on weather conditions as it is done outdoors.
  • I can attune a group of 6 people (including teenagers) to Fairy Realms Reiki
  • You will receive a certificate and manual.
  • This course is open to all but it helps if you are already attuned to Reiki.


Feel free to contact me if you would like me to do a talk on any of the subjects I teach at your local group or event. 

To secure your place on a course please see: Booking Information