Owl Spirit Medicine

Owl Spirit Medicine Workshop – £40

  • Learn how to connect with the medicine of this magnificent creature.
  • Find your own owl guide to work with.
  • Meet the rescue owls from “Under Our Wing”
  • Learn how owls behave, what they eat and their own individual stories of how they were rescued.
  • Brand new workshop from Reiki Star. Come and learn about the animal spirit OWL and the medicine they can bring into your life. We will discuss many aspects of shamanic healing with owl as the focus. There will be a meditation, you will also be shown a new healing technique. You will receive an owl feather, a crystal and you will be guided to make an owl healing essence to take home.
    The owls from the Sanctuary Next Door will be joining us for the last hour so you can have a personal owl experience and a photo. This workshop is limited to 6 spaces, £40 investment, deposit of £20 is required on booking which is non refundable. £10 of which will be donated to the charity. Full payment required one week prior to workshop.


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