Healing Sessions

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Healing Sessions and Reiki Healing with Angela Sessions



Healing sessions are available with me, this page will tell you about what to expect.

As a therapist/healer you never stop learning  and the way I do my healing has changed over the years.

At one time it was purely Reiki and I followed the set Reiki positions taught. As I have learnt more techniques and developed psychically the way I treat clients has changed. Firstly I do not know what I will be doing on each individual client in their healing session until just before I meet them. Usually my guides will tell me what I need to do for them, which techniques to use and in which order. During the session I may get more information from my guides and angels as to what is happening with the clients energy system and why.

This means that no two sessions are the same and they differ with each client.

It is no longer a “Reiki” session but a combination of many techniques shown through psychic awareness.

Some of the techniques I use are:

  • Reiki – Usui, Universal Karuna, Seichim, Sekhem, Angelic
  • Channelling of angelic energies
  • Shamanic techniques with feathers, smudging, animal spirits, etheric double, past life healing and travelling to the upper and lower worlds
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Crystal healing with tumblestones, points, wands and pendulums
  • Petaltone flower essences
  • Angelic energy essences
  • Animal energy essences
  • Aura-soma pomanders and Ascended Master Quintessences
  • Aura balancing and healing
  • Visualisation
  • Chanting and toning
  • Using sound and vibration
  • Ear Candling
  • Quantum Touch


Healing Session Prices

I charge £35 per healing session. This is 60 minutes duration including consultation.

The charge is £20 for treatments on children.

Distance Healing

Times for the healing session are arranged online.  You need to sit or lie quietly for 30 minutes while I do the energy healing.  I will then skype or phone you to discuss the healing for the remainder of the hour.  This service is £30.

Techniques include medicine extraction and psychic surgery, past life healing and soul retrieval.



To secure a healing session with me please see: Booking Information