Under Our Wing Avian Sanctuary

parrot-picture-1Under Our Wing Avian Sanctuary is an organisation that provides a safe an forever home to birds such as parrots and birds of prey.

We have taken on unwanted pets, pets that can no longer be cared for by their owner due to health or financial reasons. Birds of Prey that have been injured and cannot return to the wild or which people woodies-wingshave had as pets and cannot look after them. See more pictures in the gallery.

We have a dedicated team that give these birds an amazing quality of life. We fundraise regularly in the summer months at fairs and rallys all over the country.

We happily work with Angela to educate her students on parrots and birds of Prey attending the Reiki shares when we can and will be joining her in her new owl medicine workshop. 

We sometimes visit Angela during Reiki Shares and Solstice events so be sure to look out for us.  We often set our marquee up outside Angela’s on Halloween to show the local community what we are doing with our feathered friends.  You can find owl and parrot feathers in Angela’s shop which can be given for a donation to our charity.  All funds go directly to the birds welfare especially avian vet bills.  We give our time freely, administration costs and food mostly comes from our own pocket so we really do appreciate every penny you can give.