Universal Karuna

Universal Karuna is basically Karuna Reiki that my teacher Sue Alavi adapted with the permission of co-founder William Rand. Nothing has been lost, the layout of the course is slightly different to make it easier to learn. (For legal reasons the term Reiki cannot be used after the words Universal Karuna).

  • What is Universal Karuna?
  • How does Universal Karuna work?
  • Where does¬†Universal Karuna come from?
  • Is Universal Karuna safe?
  • What does Universal Karuna do?
  • How is it different to Usui Reiki?


KARUNA is a sanskrit word, one of its translations is “compassionate action”


Universal Karuna feels different to Usui Reiki. The energy feels much stronger, more powerful yet it is still gentle. When you work this energy you can really feel it encompassing you, surrounding your aura working with all the energy bodies at the same time. Whereas with the Usui Reiki the energy feels more directed through you. Universa Karuna heightens your vibrational level, the energy is inter-dimensional and transforming. You will feel full of love and light for all beings and students often report more experiences with angels and guides after receiving attunements.

  • The Karuna system was developed by William Rand.
  • The symbols used were channeled by a group of Reiki Masters.
  • Universal Karuna is not a religion and can be given or taught to anyone.
  • It is important that anyone being attuned to Universal Karuna uses psychic protection as they can become sensitive to energies on many levels.
  • You must first be an Usui Master Healer before you can go on to be attuned to Universal Karuna.

Universal Karuna works in the same way as Usui Reiki but on a much deeper level. You are given more healing symbols than in the Usui Reiki so you have more “tools” to work with. Also you are encouraged to use your voice with chanting and toning. The Universal Karuna is carried with your voice to penetrate deep inside the tissues and cells of the body.



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