Universal Sekhem ~ Level One

On this Universal Sekhem Level One Course, you will be attuned to this high vibrational energy re-discovered in Egypt by Patrick Ziegler from the Sirian Star System.

The course includes a level one attunement to Sekhem and Seichem.

  • Learn about the history of Sekhem, how it all began and how it evolved into Sekhem, Seichem, Seichim, ALL LOVE and Universal Sekhem.
  • Receive 5 symbols for healing.
  • Learn how to do a Sekhem treatment or integrate it with other healing systems such as Usui or Karuna Reiki,
  • Quantum Touch or Reflexology.
  • Receive a manual and certificate.
  • One day course, pre-requisite is level two Usui Reiki.

Price: £120*   Times: 1-6:30pm   Deposit: *Please note a £30 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.


universal sekhem energyUniversal Sekhem is an adaptation of the Egyptian Sekhem and Cartouche Mastery plus the Seichim system I was taught in 2003.

I adapted this Universal Sekhem level one course and system purely because of what is happening within the Sekhem community right now. Patrick Ziegler is the founder of Sekhem and Seichem/Seichim, all energies come from the same source but have evolved as three separate energies. With many people who were actually attuned by Ziegler or one of his students laying claim to this energy putting their own brand on it and copyrighting it. Patrick Ziegler now teaches this energy as ALL LOVE. He points out that once you try to define energy or put a cultural label on it you limit its power

As it is difficult for me to access one of his courses I am working with what I have already been gifted with to create a “universal” Sekhem energy.  I would like to focus on the cosmic capabilities of Sekhem. I am also adding the Seichim attunements and symbols to the course to re-unite the energies together.

As I have been attuned by a Sekhem Master in person there should be no problems in getting insured as a Sekhem  Practitioner. Sekhem combines beautifully with other types of Reiki or can be used alone.

Sekhem is known as “Living Light Energy” and is also referred to as “The Power of Powers”.

Living Light Energy taps into an aspect of unconditional love you may have not felt before.  It affects the whole energetic system of the person, looks for the root cause and then has an instantaneous cleansing effect.


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