Usui Reiki ~ Master Healer

In this class you will be given one attunement ~ £200

This includes the Tibetan Master energies so you will be given an Usui and Tibetan Master symbol to work with. You will learn and practice how to use your new tools. Not all teachers split the Master into two sections as I have done, but from experience I find that it is a much easier way to digest the information. Also not all Reiki practitioners want to become teachers so financially they are better off. Additional extras that are included:

  • Healing with the Antahkarana
  • Master Healer Empowerment Technique
  • Master Healer Healing Attunement
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Combining Crystals with Reiki
  • Past-life and karmic healing with the Grace symbol
  • Also you will be provided with a Reiki Healing Crystal Grid

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