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This page will fill you in on how my Usui Reiki classes work, what they include and how much they cost.

Every teacher is different. Everyone has an individual style. Some may have previous teaching experience, some may not. The way they teach may be influenced by how they were taught Reiki themselves, the content of their courses may depend on their Reiki lineage. I had an excellent teacher, Sue Alavi (Reiki-Su Training Centre) who was taught by William Rand. I stayed with Sue through all my Reiki levels as I knew I wouldn’t get a better teacher. She was warm and friendly, professional and organised. She has influenced me greatly in my teaching.

I was lucky in that I had previous experience teaching. My degree in arts therapies had prepared me to write and facilitate workshops with different groups of people which I had been doing. I prepared my own manuals and certificates and was really motivated to start teaching as soon as I was qualified to do so. I practiced on my mum first who later became a Usui and Universal Karuna Master.

“In my classes I always encourage people to develop and use their intuition. We all have individual healing talents to offer.”

Most of my classes are one day courses as I believe that the different levels can be done within a day as long as you practice and study at home afterwards. This worked for me and I believe it works well for busy people who can’t commit to a full weekend. You receive a manual and certificate with every class. I also believe it is very important to do the levels separately, to encourage a healthy and happier healing journey. I ask my students to take a minimum of 3 months between levels.

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